15 years ago when we started working online and ran the first digital campaigns we were amazed by the great results that we achieved in comparison to previous offline activities.

Some of the big companies that we are working with today were already smart enough by that point to shift some of their huge offline budgets to online, and we could see in parallel campaigns how online outperformed all other efforts with the same clients & audiences.

By now digital marketing automation and sales optimizations are the standards. But it still makes all the difference in how you approach digital marketing, and how you execute it. This makes the difference between good and bad results.

We have developed a simple and transparent four-step process, based on one of the top 3 methodologies worldwide for holistic digital marketing and enriched with our top experience.  This process helps us assure that our client's digital marketing yields the best possible sales results. Our holistic approach covers all components of strategy, execution, control and optimization. We connect and automate channels, data, assets, people and processes of our clients and achieve huge impact and results.

The Top Ideas Digital team has more than a decade of experience in creating go-to-market strategies, sales campaigns and sales funnels.  We know how to promote product launches, how to drive community engagement, and how to turn offline efforts into an online result that creates sales. And there’s a lot more!

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and booming businesses with excellent ideas, products and proof of concept. Our strength is automating and executing digital marketing efforts on a national and international level in the core European markets.

Our CEO says:


Growth hacking is just one piece (and a very modern one!) of the whole puzzle we build. But what we practice and what we teach our clients is marketing mastery. Only marketing mastery will bring you continuously to the next business level - with stunning results, lifelong optimization and always following the right market trends. 

Nescho Topalov, CEO Top Ideas Digital


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